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We create the website that makes your business thrive

To make sure to achieve this goal, we will start by listening to you carefully. To start with, we must understand your expectations, your needs and your wishes clearly. We need to know your goals and know what your customers or visitors expect from you. Then we will work side by side with you to develop a strategy and a concept. We then create the website according to your criteria but which will also be competitive in the Internet space and able to occupy the first places. A site that fully meets your expectations, targeted to attract the audience that matters to you.

This is how we are going to proceed, how we tackle the creation of websites. Your website will thus be on the right track from the start and 100% at your service, for you and for the success of your projects.

Make your web presence, a resounding success!

Assert Your Online Presence Today

The Internet is big enough to have room for everyone, no problem. That's right. The challenge is to get noticed, to find your place. To stand out among the 1,295,973,827 established websites and many more social media accounts.

Yet to survive today as an entrepreneur, SMEs, independent, craftsman, shopkeeper, association or NGO, a good online presence is not only necessary, but also vital.

What should we do? How will your future visitors or customers learn about your existence and get to know your products, services, activities or projects? How can we compete between big business which wants to dominate all and the stars of the moment, all that sparkle and buzz? Even word of mouth is nowadays mostly taking place online, even if you are looking for a local product, service or activity in your area or neighborhood.

Use our expertise to succeed

Achieving a successful online presence means reaching and successfully passing a whole series of milestones. Creating a website above the rest is the result of a long and constantly renewed effort to master many divergent disciplines.

It means also observing what is happening in the world and taking it into account while keeping your own and giving as much as you take. We will put all the assets on your side, so that your website meets your criteria, while attracting an audience that matters, makes your visitors happy, and enjoys excellent SEO. And without dissipating resources and remaining affordable.

Therein lies our strength and that is what will make your website special. A website that's easy to discover and appeals to the right people, those who are important to your business, those who are looking for what you have to offer. And a website which enjoys respect and authority in its field.

Let us create your website

We know that your trust is not a given, that we must earn it - we will do our utmost not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them systematically.

Take advantage of our experience and let our know-how work for your website. Let our skills, our experience, the lessons we have learned in web design since 1996, through numerous challenges, changes in technology, fashions, and trends, let it all work for you.

To have no regrets, do as our customers do, whom we have served for the last 10 years in the Lake Geneva region, from Geneva to Lausanne, via Nyon, Rolle, Morges and surroundings: Trust us - trust us and make your projects and your business thrive with a website that truly works for you.

What does an outstanding website cost?

By entrusting us with the work to make your website successful, you will probably learn with pleasure that our high-quality, Swiss-made websites, with all that includes, do not carry a premium price tag. When taking everything into account, including efficiency (time to complete the work), experience and ease of communication, our prices are comparable to those charged by offshore web agencies with their low-cost workforce.

For the record, the most expensive website we created in 2020 cost CHF 7,230.00 and the cheapest CHF 240.00, complete, verified, published and ready for use. The average price was CHF 1624.60 per site. If desired, we accept payment in monthly installments.

Give us a try

For you know what you can expect from us before you decide, we are giving you a free visualization of your future website in the form of a model website on our server or a mock-up. And we will attach the quote for the realization of your new website or online shop. To give you an idea without you having to commit anything. However, we will need a minimum of information about your project to be able to do this. You will thus be able to decide with full knowledge of the facts and in complete independence.

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How we proceed

The criteria for a website's creation vary from case to case. The nature of the product, service or activity offered, the client's requirements and wishes, any particularities, we take them into account as we go on.

To ensure that your website is a success, we are providing all work at the state of the art and according to W3C standards.
Furthermore, we have established our own processes and key milestones which are essential for each project.

Come and see how we proceed


A website’s creation should be carefully planned and executed. Key elements, whether textual, graphic, animated, or otherwise, should be highlighted and harmonized with each other. The content must be up to par and match the image you want to project. A strategy must be put in place to guide your visitors to the desired goal.
And we use the most suitable platform for your needs – WordPress, AMP, mobile, static or CMS.

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Our clients come from all walks of life and have their own, specific requirements. We have successfully completed many projects for many different purposes.
Start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, through to artists, craftsmen, wellness advisers, online stores as well as those with a storefront, and on to NGOs and other non-profit organizations – these are the people and companies for which we have already implemented websites.

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Offers, advantages, prices

What can we offer you in concrete terms?

Will we be able to make the type of website you need?

What types of web services do we provide?

How much does it cost?
Can I get a detailed offer without committing?

You will find answers to all these questions on our website.

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