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Our Geneva web agency offers top website design, creation, SEO, and hosting services since 2011. We are specialized in meeting the needs of entrepreneurs, start-ups, artisans, tradespeople, and independents in Geneva.

We will create your or your company’s new, bespoke, high-quality website with fast access for excellent organic SEO results. It will thus appear in the top places of the search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Of course, we will make sure it also meets your wishes and needs, or, if necessary, we update your existing website, rather than create a new site from scratch.

We will make your website work for you ...

But we depend on your expertise for best results!

Therefore, to make the best possible website, we must listen to you carefully. We must clearly identify your needs. Understand your wishes and expectations, know your objectives, but also the constraints that weigh on your activities. It's up to us, then, to apply our experience, our know-how and our knowledge with one principal goal: To find your potential customers, the people who need you but don't know it yet, and make them stay with you!

But to achieve this, there are some conditions that must absolutely be met:

Find the audience for your website

To begin with, your potential customers, your target audience, don't know anything about you; it's like you won't even exist. It is therefore essential to make yourself known to them on the Web!
And for that, your site must look good and appear in the first pages of search engines. The main goal of on-site SEO is to please the algorithms of Google & Cie.

And once they are happy and that your website appears on one of the first places of the SERP, the Search Engine Results Page, your website must play to the tune of the audience. Ensure that it is standing out from among the thousands of results that each search generates. Find the right tone for your result to distinguish it from the competition and attract the right audience. And then make your potential visitor visit your site, not one of your competitors, all just a click away

It is only then that your websites real content comes into play. To convince your visitor to stay on, it must present itself from its best side. Attractive, clear, well-structured, easy to navigate and engaging while representing you and what you have on offer. If not, your visitor is already gone, trying his luck elsewhere…

Website creation has thus unexpected aspects - your website is already working hard to find your audience before it has even appeared on the screen.

Only a fast website is visible

In 2021 it is essential that your site be amazingly fast, especially on mobile devices, and above all, smartphones. The criteria go far beyond simple responsive design, which above all ensures that the presentation is tailored to the characteristics of different types of mobile devices.

While it is relatively easy to make a quick website for a desktop or notebook device connected to a landline or Wi-Fi, it is quite another thing on devices that rely on a mobile phone network. However, search engines, especially Google, only rank websites that meet their Core Web Vitals on the top spots of their results page.

It does not matter that a few Internet users would quite willingly twiddle their thumbs for a few seconds to see your great content - your site will be out of their sight, at the bottom of the rankings. This is exactly where the difficulty lies: it is easy to make a website that is fast but boring to death; the great art is creating an attractive, interesting, and user-friendly website that loads in a jiffy and then keeps its promises.

We will not tell you that we can do this in the blink of an eye, it is a real effort requiring know-how in multiple fields. We have done this years ago. And we are still capable to do it now - to help your website overcome this obstacle.

An engaging, high-quality website

A website that found its audience, that is fast and that is in Google's good books, that is marvellous.
But that alone leaves your visitors hungry for more. Unaware of the effort you have already put in, they expect greatness as soon as they arrive. If they do not find what they were looking for without the slightest effort, it was all a waste of time, your visitors have already gone to see elsewhere.

This is where a good collaboration with you is essential to make a good website. Our job is to showcase your expertise, your knowledge, your qualities, features and your style, all transposed to the requirements of the Web.
We will thus create a website that truly represents you, attractive and engaging while meeting your wishes, wants and requirements

Our know-how in programming, graphic design, implementation of the latest technologies, etc. is much in demand at this point - so that the content of your website, be it textual, formal, graphic, pictorial, animated or video, lives up to the high expectations you and your audience have. Let's be honest, no website, no matter how well done, can satisfy all its visitors.

This is why it's important that your site can reach out and retain the people, in Geneva or elsewhere, who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.
Because these are your real customers!

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The criteria for the creation of websites vary and we take them into account depending on the nature of the product, service or activity offered, as well as the wishes of its owner.
To ensure that your website is a success, we are providing all work at the state of the art. Furthermore, we have established processes and key milestones which are essential for each project.

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A website’s creation should be carefully planned and executed. Key elements, whether textual, graphic, animated or otherwise, should be highlighted and harmonized with each other. The content must be up to par and match the image you want to project. A strategy must be put in place to guide your visitors to the desired goal.
And we use the most suitable platform for your needs - Wordpress, AMP, mobile, static or CMS.



Our clients come from all walks of life and have their own, specific requirements. We have successfully completed many projects for many different purposes.
Start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, through to artists, craftsmen, wellness advisers, online stores as well as those with a storefront, and on to NGOs and other non-profit organizations - these are the people and companies for which we have already implemented websites.

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